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Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame

History of the Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame

The Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame began in May of 1972 with the induction of longtime coach and physical educator Ira S. Wilson. Wilson coached basketball, baseball, track and golf at the college and the college's ice arena was named in his honor in 1974.

The college added coach Frank Akers and coach James Welch in 1974 and inducted the first student-athletes in 1980 with the addition of three sport stars Fred Brown, '55 and Don Checho, '60, and basketball standout Ed Robota, '75.

In 1984, the college expanded the Hall by honoring individuals on an annual basis and began by inducting six student-athletes and two contributors that year. The college has recognized three to four individuals each year since.

The Hall of Fame Induction ceremony has evolved over the years. The first few ceremonies took place at halftime of a basketball game and for four years the inductees were honored at the annual President's Recognition Dinner. In May of 1988, the Hall of Fame ventured out on its own by having the first of 10 Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame Luncheons and in 1998 the committee further moved the ceremony to an evening dinner event. In 2001, a recommendation was made to shift the Hall of Fame dinner to Homecoming weekend in October, a natural progression for the alumni event.

In addition, the Hall of Fame committee began a new tradition in 2000. The committee began to recognize and celebrate pioneers of athletics who made significant contributions to the Geneseo athletic program with the category, "Legends of the Knights". This category was created for those individuals who may not have the statistical clout or Geneseo tenure for Hall of Fame consideration but, nonetheless, made a profound impact on athletics at Geneseo.

To nominate a deserving student-athlete, coach, administrator or contributor, please complete and return the nomination form.

SUNY GENESEO Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame Members

Induction Name Graduation Affiliation
May, 1972 Ira S. Wilson Coach Basketball, Baseball, Track, Golf
February 23, 1974 Frank Akers Coach Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, AD
  James E. Welch Coach Basketball
December 13, 1980 Fred Brown 1955 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
  Don Checho 1960 Soccer, Basketball, Golf
  Edward Robota 1975 Basketball
April 25, 1984 David Gross 1967 Basketball
  Craig Shaw 1970 Soccer
  Alan Solomon 1974 Wrestling
  Joseph Contario 1975 Cross Country
  James DeWitt 1978 Swimming
  Robert MacVittie College President Contributor
  Robert Dewar Community Member Contributor
  William "Bud" Dietsche 1933 Baseball
April 26, 1985 Thomas Metzger 1980 Hockey
  James Andrews 1971 Lacrosse
  John Fiala 1954 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
  Linda Piccirillo Hinckley 1972 Swimming and Swim Coach
April 25, 1986 Thomas Sisson 1971 Basketball
  Charles "Chip" Reist 1977 Soccer
  Mary E. White 1979 Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
April 24, 1987 Mike Nelson 1969 Basketball
  Ed Usinger 1973 Soccer
  Ken Weber 1978 Hockey
  Curt Smith 1973 Sports Writing
May 7, 1988 Anthony D. Arrigo 1956 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
  William Hewson 1969 Soccer
  Harry Ward 1974 Basketball
October 27, 1989 Daniel Mullin   Administrator and Coach
  James Allan 1961 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
  Kathleen Dowling 1977 Synchronized Swimming
  Marjorie Herring Ellert 1975 Synchronized Swimming
May 5, 1990 Robert Riedel   Administrator and Coach
  Gary "Butch" Conboy 1968 Basketball, Baseball
  Don Litzelman 1982 Lacrosse
May 4, 1991 Peter Herrmann 1970 Baseball
  David Giordano 1975 Soccer
  Lori Connor 1984 Volleyball, Track
May 2, 1992 Susan Lind 1987 Basketball
  Richard Bondi 1980 Swimming
  Carl Witzel Coach Soccer and Basketball
May 1, 1993 Raymond Maxwell 1982 Soccer
  Richard Butterworth 1982 Soccer
  Martin Kentner Coach Cross Country
May 7, 1994 Terry Reilly 1988 Hockey
  James Clar 1989 Basketball and Soccer
  John Linfoot Community Member Contributor, President of Roundtable
May 6, 1995 John O'Brien 1981 Swimming
  Julie Rivers Hunt 1988 Soccer
  Colleen Burruto Soudan 1988 Soccer
  Dr. Myrtle Merritt   Chair of Health and Physical Education, Contributor
May 4, 1996 Paul Rich 1981 Basketball
  Diane Williams 1986 Basketball
  Glen Mazurowski 1991 Hockey
  Christopher Smith 1991 Hockey
May 10, 1997 Charles Derwick 1963 Basketball and Baseball
  Christine Dellavecchia Bentz 1987 Volleyball and Softball
  Duncan Hinckley Coach Swimming
  Tim Farry 1991 Swimming
May 9, 1998 Joyce Wechsler Coach Volleyball
  Lisa Bunker Matwijow 1982 Swimming
  Tim Menges 1993 Swimming
  Bill Loveland 1989 Hockey
May 8, 1999 Scott Fitch 1993 Basketball
  Carin Halleran 1994 Soccer
  Betsy Balling 1994 Soccer
  Fred Bright Coach Women's Soccer, Administrator
May 6, 2000 Shirley Toler Coach Synchronized Swimming
  Mark Monaghan 1995 Swimming
  Carey Janis 1995 Basketball
  Katie Smith Porter 1995 Basketball
Legends Category Huldah Barnes Donnelly 1926 Basketball
  Ruth Green Linfoot Coach Basketball (1928-33)
  Eleanor Nickerson Duffy 1934 Basketball
October 20, 2001 Mark Muller 1991 Basketball
  Keena Bush McAvoy 1995 Track
  Christine Sisting 1996 Cross Country and Track
  Tom Pope Coach Men's Basketball
Legends Category Vic Raschi Coach Baseball and Basketball (1959-61, 67-68)
October 5, 2002 Patrick Fish 1995 Swimming
  Brian Scanlan 1995 Soccer
  Sean Cascio 1990 Hockey
Legends Category Ted Bondi Community Member Contributor, President of the Roundtable
October 4, 2003 Erin Malone 1994 Basketball
  Bill Mason 1992 Basketball
  Kristin Raines Campbell 1994 Basketball
  Ian Tudman 1995 Basketball
  Dr. John Spring   Athletic Director
Legends Category Dr. Charles "Randy" Bailey Professor of History Contributor, Fan
  Dr. Lucien Potenza College Physician Contributor, Team Physician
October 2, 2004 Beth Shope 1999 Track & Field
  Gary Lewis 1976 Lacrosse
  Tom Gleason 1979 Lacrosse
  Paul Rose Coach Lacrosse/Wrestling
Legends Category Gloria Tarantella Department Secretary Contributor
  Ruth Robinson Department Secretary Contributor
October 1, 2005 Todd Geary 1999 Swimming
  Matt VanDerMeid 1998 Swimming
  Mike Houlihan 1998 Swimming
  Josh Muldner 1999 Swimming
Legends Category Del Rittenhouse 1973 Golf
September 30, 2006 Megan Mackey 1998 Basketball
  Dan Keane 1995 Basketball
  Lynn Hamilton Simmons 1991 Basketball
  Paul Duffy Coach Hockey/Tennis
Legends Category Al "Buzzo" Bruno 1971 Wrestling
September 29, 2007 John Keady 1988 Hockey
  Mark Breeden 1999 Hockey
  Christine Camera 1991 Soccer
  Jen Hogan 1997 Soccer/Basketball
  Aimee Canale Koch 1998 Soccer/Coach
September 27, 2008 David Lyons 1977 Lacrosse
  Hilary Gangemi 2000 Softball
  Sarah Taub 2003 Softball
  Melissa White 2003 Cross Country and Track
September 26, 2009 Gena Tallarini Batchelder 2002 Tennis
  George O'Brien 1987 Soccer
  Jill Almansberger Edwards 2002 Softball
  Jennifer Turkovich Lorenz 2001 Lacrosse
Legends Category Art Hatton VP Advancement/Roundtable Contributor
September 25, 2010 Michelle Standora Wolinski 2000 Swimming
  Danielle Schoen 2001 Swimming
  James N. Leary 1975 Distinguished Patron
  David Spennacchio 2004 Lacrosse
  Logan Hadzicki Blask 2004 Soccer
September 24, 2011 Beth-Anne Cincotta Canero 1996 Cross Country and Track
  Kim Stone Butts 1995 Cross Country and Track
  Keith Hyde 1981 Ice Hockey
  Jeff Stitt 1981 Ice Hockey
September 22, 2012 Amy Cleary 1997 Swimming
  Richard "Deacon" Woodward 1971 Basketball
  Stan Janas 1972 Basketball
  Griffin Coles 2000 Basketball
September 28, 2013 P.J. McTigue Murdie 1999 Basketball, Soccer
  Jennifer Rettke Sprague 2003 Cross Country/Track & Field
  Lisa McKenzie Jackson 1997 Volleyball
  Amanda McKenzie Bagley 2003 Volleyball
Legends Category Allen Galbraith Community Member Fan, Supporter and Contributor
October 18, 2014 Jim Stewart 1967 Basketball/Baseball
  Aaron Coleman 1999 Ice Hockey
  Meg New Schober 2003 Field Hockey
  Leslie Howlett Grego 2003 Field Hockey
Legends Category John Hoey Men's Lacrosse Founder Contributor
October 17, 2015 Ted Turner 2005 Cross Country/Track & Field
  Jeff Beck 2005 Cross Country/Track & Field
  Mike Woods 1969 Cross Country/Track & Field
  Tara Snavlin Graziadei 2003 Basketball
  Marilyn Moore Administrator AD/Athletic Trainer
Nov. 19, 2016 Marc Miller 1992 Ice Hockey
  Cherylyn Pinkerton Wilson 1999 Softball
  Erik Stevens 1987 Ice Hockey
  Chris Stock 2005 Soccer/Lacrosse
Nov. 11, 2017 Katie Hovey Soluri 2003 Softball
  Randy Shepard 1993 Swimming & Diving
  Megan Sheehan Sarao 2002 Basketball
  Joe Zera 2005 Basketball
Nov. 3, 2018 Mary Koslowski 2006 Women's Track & Field
  Mitch Stephens 2007 Men's Ice Hockey
  Annie Verdino Rose 2006 Women's Basketball
  Brett Walker 2005 Men's Ice Hockey
Nov. 16, 2019 Ed Curry 1996 Men's Soccer
  Owahn Bazydlo 2007 Men's Lacrosse
  Patrick Riehlman 2006 Men's Lacrosse
  Audrey Kuhn Michalski 2007 Softball
Nov. 14, 2020* Renne Catalano Gussman 2005 Women's Cross Country/Women's Soccer
  Liz Montgomery 2010 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
  Meghan Daly  2008 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
  Marta Bartlett  2006 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field